Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roasted Carrot's and Eggplant's

As I have mentioned in my previos post, Moraccan Spice can be used for roasting vegetables like carrot's, Pumpkin and Eggplant's. First I tried Carrot Roast with just half a carrot, soon after tasting it, i made another batch with 2 big carrot's. It tasted so spicy, different, and it was also a flavourfull dish. Carrot's tasted good on absorbing the spicyness and the sweetness of carrot also helped them to taste better. Any carrot haters reading this, you got to try this to love carrots.

Carrot Roast with Moraccan Spice:

Carrot Roast with Moraccan Spice

For Recipe, you got to look here. as i dont have oven, i made this with my microwave+grill mode.

Eggplant Roast with Moraccan Spice:

Eggplant Roast with Moraccan Spice Mix

Eggplant Roast also tasted Good. I had them with Sambhar Sadham.

Moraccan Spice Mix is working great for me. Why dont you try?
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