Monday, June 22, 2009

Beetroot Sweet Pachadi

Beetroot Pachadi is my favourite. Grated Beetroot's sauted in ghee and simmered in Jaggery syrup with cardamon's is absolutely a must try one. This easy to prepare, delicious Pachadi can be served with curd rice. This is a better way to make Beetroot hater's eat it.

Beetroot Pachadi1

How to Prepare?

Grate two Beetroot's. Shred Jaggery of 1/2 a cup. adjust jaggery according to your sweet tooth. crush 3 cardamon and keep it aside.

Now Heat a Pan, add a tbsp of ghee and heat it. add the grated Beetroot's and saute them for a minute. Sprinkle some water over the beetroot and close it with lid and let them rest in slow flame for about 2-3 minute's, till the beetroot's are half cooked.

Now add the Jaggery and stir well, till the jaggery start melt's. add cardamon and stir well. keep stirring for about 4-5 minute's till the pachadi start's sticking to the pan. remove from the flame and let it set for 5 minute's.

Now this cardamon flavoured Beetroot Jaggery Pachadi is ready. I made some Dhokla and served with these Pachadi, it was absolutely delicious.

Sweet Pachadi

Let me Remind you of IAVW-Moracco. Looking forward for your entrie's.

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