Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vazhathandu Juice and Pavakaai Juice

After Sweet Treat's of Yesterday, iam sharing bitter and tasteless juices with you. These two juices are good to our body.

Vazhathandu / Banana Stem Juice

Vazhathandu / Banana Stem contains lot of water content in it and it helps in washing out stones from our kidney. Its Good to cook this Banana stem once a week, especially if you are living in a hot place, where your body gets dehydrated soon. I usually cook two dishes with Banana stem / Vazhathandu. its Kootu and Sambhar.

How to Prepare Vazhathandu / Banana Stem Juice ?

1. Get a banana stem, as shown in the pic. with a knife, slit the outer skin. remove the outer skin fully, so that your stem looks fresh now.

2. Chop them into slices.

3. Place them in big Jar of your mixie. add 2 cups of water and run the mixie. Blend it well.

4. Now Filter the juice.

Drink the juice fresh. its better to drink the juice in the morning on empty stomach. if a glass of banana stem juice is consumed daily, its believed that kidney stones passes through urine.

How to Prepare Pavakaai / Bitter Gourd Juice?

Pavakaai / Bitter Gourd Juice

Chop 2 Bitter gourd's to round slices.

Boil them in 2 cup's of water for about 10 minute's. (You can also Microwave for 8 minutes).

Filter the water alone and cool it. ( use the bitter gourd to make some curry/ poriyal)

Add little salt to the juice and consume.

Iam a big fan of Bharathy and her Spicy Chilly Blog. I love all her vegetable preparations and love to try them immediately, after seeing on her blog. they usually turn very good. My hubby gives me one star extra, when i cook from her blog..

Here i leave you all with two curry / poriyal's, that i tried from Bharathy's blog.

Baby Potato Curry:

Thank You Bharathy, for sharing and teaching cooking.

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  1. A true healthy drink. Click is good.


  2. Hi, I am a fellow runner.I have a bitter recipe today too.I didn't know about the vazhai thandu juice.Would love to try it.We don't get that here in USA.We used to have Vazhai thandu fry as kids.The baby potatoes and bitter gourd fry looks yummy.

  3. Hi Lavi -- bitter gourd juice -- I am not so brave! Nice to see your banana stem recipes -- I will try with lotus root! Baby potatoes looks great, too :)

  4. Hi Lavi, I am in the marathon too. I have seen people selling arugambul juice and bitter gourd juice near marina beach in chennai. It is so healthy and good for diabetes too..Very rare to find banana stem here. I love the banana stem morekootu..

    I should try your version of the juice.

  5. Not sure if I can drink the bitter gourd and bananna stem drinks, they looks very healty though. But potato and bitter gourd curry looks amazing.

  6. The juices sound really healthy and good for me ... but I am just a tiny bit scared :D but I cannot wait to try the baby potato curry, looks so delicious! And I love the color! Yummy!

  7. Aww..Ok Ok...dint read the post until you shared the Link..:)..Just came to know from FB abt the healthy juices when I commented in Dum briryani post!..
    All the best for the Marathon..:)!!!

  8. I too make kootu or dry curry with banana stem juice is very new to me healthy idea, will try it for sure and potato curry looks mouth watering beautiful pic.s....

  9. Such a healthy drinks..looks fabulous..


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