Friday, April 16, 2010

Garlic Bread - Exotica

Though this post may sound silly. But for some people, who are hooked to pizza hut stuff's like me, will sure Enjoy this Post. Ever since i discovered Round shaped Breads (Roundels) at Spencers Daily, I was thinking of preparing these Garlic Bread Exotica to my Family. Finally managed to prepare these this week. If you Could not find Round shaped Bread's, then Cut the Sandwich Bread in Round shape. Iam sure it will also turn good.

Garlic Bread Exotica

Get Ready with the Following To Prepare these Garlic Bread - Exotica

1. Round Shaped Breads (or) Cut the Sandwich Bread in Round Shape's - 6 breads
2. Garlic Flavoured Cheese - 2 tbsp's
3. Red Onion - 1
4. Tomato - 1
5. Capsicum / Bell Pepper - 5 spoons chopped
6. Green Chilli - 1
7. Butter - 1/2 tbsp

How to Prepare?

Chop the Onion, Tomato and Capsicum into small cubes. Finely Chop the Green Chilli.
Mix the chopped onion, tomato, capsicum and green chilli together. add little salt to taste to veggies and mix well.You can also add chopped Olives to it.

Apply butter on one side of the breads and toast them in a Pan on medium flame.
To the other side of the Bread, spread the garlic cheese and spoon in some veggies over the cheese spread on bread.

To Roast on Tava:

Place the Breads in tawa, with the toasted side facing the tawa. close the tawa with a lid and let the bread get toasted for 2-3 minutes at slow flame.

or Grill / Broil the Breads at 250C / 500F for 3-5 minutes.
After Grilling, let it cool for 2 minutes and serve Hot.

It tastes Great With Soups. Iam Sure, This will be a stunning appetizer's in Party. I prepared these Breads, without the cheese spread, and i liked this way much.

Spicy Garlic Bread

Toppings with Onion and Green Chilli

While serving for Kids Keep in Mind:

* Avoid Green Chilli's, as they may bite it. Little Pepper Powder can also be used instead of chilli's.

* You can also add cooked sweet corn kernels along the veggies.


  1. Nice one. Will look for roundels next time I go to Spencers.

  2. Hey lovely pretty looking snack,pleasing to eyes,sure kids friendly!

  3. I luv garlic bread...urs luks fabulous..superb clicks

  4. Hi ,

    Really nice taste.Can you give me your contact details because conducting an interesting blog contest for mothers day 2010.If you are interested please join and participate in this contest.For more details see this link

  5. Excellent dish to please and the kids and adults alike!

  6. Gorgeous garlic bread slices lavi,wondering you could get all these ingredients handy in chennai.

    Nice note for people with kids .

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Wow so yummy and tempting garlic bread..
    Lovely clicks.

  8. Hi Lavi,

    the bread pizza does look good to me. I think the round bread makes it look very appetizing to me. Nice..

  9. I can see the crunchiness..looks so gud tempting..

  10. Sounds like mini pizzas. Delicious.

  11. Hi lavi, awesome clicks, feel like having it right now, first time here.. love all collection. glad to follow you

  12. These round Garlic bread looks very colorful and delicious.Sure reminds pizza hut.I make it the same way with regular whole wheat bread.My children call it as mini-pizzas.

  13. Great appetizer and colorful for kids!

  14. wow, the bread looks so delicious and has come out some perfect, love the topping too..great clicks..

  15. Luved the last click....roundels super!

  16. very nice shots. Looks very tempting. Love the beautiful colours of the vegetables.

  17. Wow!! That looks yummy with the veggies. Nice click...

  18. My sis would jump up and down with joy if i made these for her :) Looks very colorful!


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