Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kambu Koozh ~ Pearl Millet / Broken Bajra Porridge

Kambu or Pearl Millet as called in English is a Cereal Kind, Consumed in Tamil Nadu, we have it as Kamban Koozh, its a very common Break-fast among the field workers in village's. Find the Nutritional Values of Bajra / Pearl Millet / Sajjalu(as called in Telugu lang.) / Sajje(as called in Kannada lang.) Here.

Kambu / Bajra

When i want to cut Rice for a Day, i decided to make Oats for Break-fast and Kambu Sadham / Pearl Millet Rice for Lunch and Roti's for Dinner. I will post the Oats Break-fast recipe next. Now Coming to this Kambu Koozh, it is cooked as Rice and then mixed with Buttermilk.

Kambu Koozh


Broken Bajra / Kambu Kurunai - 4 tbsp's ( 4 periya kuzhi karandi)
Water - 3 cup's
Butter Milk - 1 cup
Shallots / Small Onions - 8


First Boil the Water in a Thick Bottomed Vessel. Put the Broken Bajra/ Kambu in a Collander / Vadikatti and wash them. when the water boil's add the Kambu to the water and let it cook in medium flame for about 10-15 minute's. Now after the Kambu got cooked, let it cool and mix with Butter Milk and salt to taste. Now the Koozh is Ready. eat along with small onions.

The sweet taste of the onions with the sourness of buttermilk, this Kambu Koozh tastes extremely Good.

So when this Kambu is Good for Health, why not Cut Rice for a Meal and eat this Kambu Koozh??


* If you are not accessible to Broken Bajra and you are left with whole Bajra's then, you can sprinkle some water over the bajra's and leave it for 15 minute's. then grind them in your mixer grinder. just 1 or 2 pulse is enough. then you can wash the grinded bajra's with water and use it as broken bajra's.
Refer Cookatease for details.

* Kambu Generates Heat. so its must to consume along with Buttermilk and small onions or Onions.


  1. This looks splendid! I used to drink this when I was a kid. I used to get chicken pox and my mom would have Venduthal to Amman and make this all the time. Loved it as a kid. I used to eat/drink this with some spicy sides.Wonderful post!

  2. even i have drank this during my childhood days especially during Summer aadi masam, where weekly some Koozh ceremony will take place in nearby amman temples. You brought back those memories. Thanks CL..

  3. This is new to me..Looks health and delicious.

  4. Ha that is a treasure recipe- kambu koojh!

  5. I love this, even i do prepared koozh often here, healthy and nutritious breakfast to enjoy without any guilt..

  6. very healthy recipe.gud for this season.i had it very long time before.Thanks for posting...

  7. never had this before. must give it a try. sounds very tasty. Waiting to see ur breakfast post with oats.

  8. Have heard about this but never tasted,sure is a body coolant! Looks very nice with small onions :)

  9. Looks very nice recipe.
    But I don't think that Bajra is available in my city.
    Wll try if it is available here

  10. wowww..Interesting recipe.. awesome job!!

  11. Lovely recipe - what a great breakfast!!

  12. wow!! Lavi, this is so refreshing and healthy. Nice click...

  13. Hi lavanya!! Have tried this kambu koozh. its really delicious, light and healthy. From then it became my easy and nutritious dinner for once or twice a week!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  14. daily twice i take this for morning and night for lunch i ate my collage canteen food mostly bismilla bath , kammang koozhu is an wonderful one, it's more better than oats


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