Friday, May 7, 2010

Kulfi Ice

I bought Kulfi Moulds a year back, kept it unused for all these days. I badly wanted to use it for this Summer. finally the time came for it 2 days back. Kulfi's came out so well. I didn't intend to post the Kulfi Recipe untill i tasted it. It tasted Soo Great and thus Kulfi finds its place here and for your eyes.


My ammamma used to make Ice-creams and i just love to eat them even before freezing. i don't remember with what all she used to make. but vaguely, it could be Milk, Breads without edges, and Sugar. She used to put them all in the mixer, Grind together and add essence and freeze. We used to take these Ice-creams in a Flask filled with Ice Cubes to my MOM in our Village. My ammamma would be worriyng a lot, that the ice-cream should not melt during the 1.30 hrs. Car journey. On Landing the Village, we first open up the flask and check the Ice-cream and have it at once, as we didn't have Fridge at our Village home.

Summer holidays at our Village home are full of Green memories to me. I just love to go to our backyard and enjoy the Pure air and look at two Mango Trees, that my mom and my Pinni seeded at their childhood. My Job during summer holidays is to safeguard the Peanuts / Mallattai from crows. Peanuts will be spread all thru our backyard to get dried in Sun after harvest from our field. Oh.. I just Love those memories now!!

Kulfi Ice

Okay Coming to the Kulfi Ice. its so easy to make, if you have Condensed Milk tin and Kulfi Mould's on hand. Even you can use small pots, as served in our ice-cream parlours. Else you can use small Paper Cup's as mould's and insert a chocobar stick and cover with a plastic wrap before you freeze.

Ingredients:  (Recipe for 6 Kulfi's )

Sweetened Condensed Milk - 200 ml
Milk - 1/2 Litre (400 ml. will do)
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Corn Flour - 2 tbsp
Elakaai / Cardamom - 4
Badam - 10
Cashew - 5


First take few tablespoons of milk, say 4 tbsp's and mix cornflour to it without lumps and set aside.

Grind the Cardamom in the Small Mixer Jar, remove the outer cover and add Sugar to it. Now Grind the Sugar with Cardamom innner mates into fine powder. remove it to a bowl.

Grind the Badam and Cashew coarsely and mix it with the Sugar, Cardamom mix.

Mix the Condensed milk to 400ml. Milk and Pour them on to a Wide Pan. Heat this Mixture till it boils. Now add the Cornflour mixed with Milk to the Pan.(Make sure to mix again before adding to the Pan, as the corn flour may get settled in the bottom).

Now add the cardamom-sugar-badam- cashew mix to the Pan and stir well. The milk in the Pan starts to thicken in a minute. slow down the flame, whenever it boils and tries to spill out of the pan. Let the Milk get thicken for 2 minutes atleast. remove the pan from the flame and cool it down.

Pour the cooled down milk mixture onto the Kulfi moulds. Freeze them overnight. when you want to serve, Run Water over the kulfi moulds. and Rub the Moulds with both your hands. Carefully remove the lid of the mould and serve. If the mould stick comes and not the Kulfi, carefully use knife to loose up the Kulfi and remove with a spoon.

Badam Kulfi

First Picture of Kulfi, before it started to Melt.

It came out Good. but started to melt so fast!!(Chennai Climate ma!). I added some buterscotch chips to Kulfi-Milk mix, that gave a good crunch on bite!!

Iam sending these Kulfi's to Srivalli's Thanda Mela.
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