Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cherry Cake

I got some cherries at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai. Those cherries were special, as i handpicked them one by one, choosing the Best. I would usually buy a Pack of cherries, from the Vegetable shop, which will have only few good cherries in it. So having got such Rich Red Cherries, i wanted to make Cake out of it. There i baked this Cherry Cake, and it turned out Good. It will be so Perfect along a cup of Coffee. I tried the cherry cake from here.

Red Cherries


Cherries - 100gms (remove the seed and slice them into four pieces)
All Purpose Flour - 2 Cup's
Butter - 1 / 4 Cup
Baking Powder - 1 tsp
Powdered Sugar - 1 Cup
Egg's - 2
Milk - 1 / 2 Cup
Vanilla Essence - 5 ml


Pre-heat the oven at 350F / 180C. Grease a Baking Bowl with little butter and set aside.

In a Mixing bowl, beat the butter and Sugar, till they turn creamy. Add Egg's one by one and beat well.

Add Vanilla Essence to the bowl and mix.

Add little Flour and mix with a wooden spoon. add  flour and milk alternatively and keep mixing with the wooden spoon.

Last, add the cherries to the bowl and mix. Reserve some cherry slices, to top, on the halfway of baking.

Bake the Cake at 180C / 350 F for about 1 hour.
In Between, remove the Cake from the oven and top with few left cherries and put back into the oven.

Check the cake, by inserting a toothpick at the centre of the cake comes out clean.

Slice of Cherry Cake

Its such a easy Cake to make.
For me, it tasted like Pound Cake and the cherries gave a nice taste to the Cake.
This Cherry Cake will be a Perfect Tea Time Snack.
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