Friday, January 21, 2011

Instant Breakfast

Two days back i got injured on  my right eye and now every minute i realize the importance of it. or i can also say, iam realising the importance of being healthy without any illness. The injury is not severe and it did not affect any nerves. Thank God! Iam having a light pain and my eyes are feeling heavy. It all happened because of a funny fight, with my kid. Bringing up the kids will be the finest art to learn. isnt it?

Instant Breakfast

Apart from that, i always look for Instant Breafast. Its impossible for me to prepare Appam with some curry or Idiyappam with Kuruma or Poori Masala on weekdays. i usually go with idli/dosa with some chutney, bread omlet or some porridge.

Hubby got packs of aloo powder/flakes. and i could'nt use it other way than using it for cutlets/patties.
I also cooked aloo kofta biryani with it. if you are a fan of Home Cook's Recipe's in Facebook, you can check its profile picture..

Potato Cutlets

Ingredients for Potato Cutlets / Aloo Patties: (makes 5)

Aloo Flakes - 2 cups or Boiled Potaoes - 2 (mashed)
Wheat Germ - 1/4 cup (optional)
Wheat Bread - 2 slices
Green Chilli - 1
Corriander Leaves - 2 tsp(chopped)
Salt to taste
Oil - 1/4 cup


Mix all the ingredients except Bread slices and Oil. Soak the bread slices in water and squeeze them. add the squeezed bread slices to all other ingredients mixed. mix them all together. sprinkle little water to get them all together. Shape them into Patties shape/ round shape.

Heat Oil in a Pan. and fry the aloo patties in medium flame, till they turn brown in colour. transfer the fried patties over a tissue.

Instant Tiffin for Kids

How i assembled them?

Cut the Bread slices into round shape. spread some mayyonise over it and place vegetables and place aloo cutlet and them cover it with another round shaped bread.

* YOU can add grated carrot and boiled peas to the cutlet.
* Even adding little greens will be a good choice to the cutlet.
* Place cheese when assembling for kids.
* Baking the patties will also be a Good choice.

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