Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Carrot Thuvaiyal(Chutney) & Carrot Rice

My Mom used to prepare this thuvaiyal/chutney for us to make us eat the carrot atleast in this form. she also makes coconut thuvaiyal, which is my favourite one. the taste of it will stay on my tongue even after eating.

Coming to this Carrot Thuvaiyal/chutney, i prefer this Carrot Thuvaiyal along with Rasam and Pappad. it used to be my simple and light meal. also i prepare this thuvaiyal and mix it with Rice and pack it for my hubby lunch box.

Coming to the Ingredients:

Urad dall-1tbsp
Red chilli-2
Tamarind-Half-inch size
Oil-2 tsps
Mustard-half a tsp
Curry leaves-6


arrow_42 Peel the outer skin of the carrot and Grate them and keep it aside .

arrow_42 Now in a kadai add 1 tsp of oil. fry urad dall till it becomes golden color. also fry the red chilli's.

arrow_42 Add the fried urad, chilli and tamarind to the grated carrot and grind it into a thick coarse paste by adding little water and required salt. Grind it coarsely.

arrow_42 Now add 1tsp of oil in the kadai, add mustard seeds..when it crackles, add curry leaves and add the grinded paste to it.

arrow_42Fry it till the raw smell of the carrot leaves and the color changes to darker, when it starts sticking to kadai remove it from the flame.

It also Suits for Dosa's.

This can be mixed with it as carrot rice.. I just seasoned it with ghee fried cashews.


  1. Nice idea to mix the carrot thuvaiyal with rice. It looks lovely, Lavi.

  2. Carrot rice and tuvaiyal sounds good and tasty

  3. i make carrot ric ..but thuvaiyal with carrot is new for me..have to try..looks good!!

  4. Lavi, this sure looks delicious! Carrot rice wt thuvaiyal!

  5. Yummy recipe and Kids 'should' love it this way.

  6. hi lavi,both carrot rice and carrot chutney looks yummy,carrot chutney is new one i am hearing from u ,i will try

  7. Hi Lavi, carror rice looking very tempting. Soon will try this :). Good one.

  8. Thogayal with carrots sounds both delicious and nutritious.

  9. Thogayal is a nostalgic food for me. I never make it, even though I love it. You have made me think about it...

  10. Lavi..carrot chutney looks very nice...

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  12. Hi this is my first time here... U have a lovely blog..

    the carrot thogaiyal looks yummy!!!

    Happy blogging!

  13. hi lavi,
    the carrot rice is a unique recipe. Lovely orange color ,sounds very healthy too.
    You've a neat blog with delicious recipes.

  14. We make both of these, but long since we made them...tempting pics

  15. The carrot thuvaiyal looks really good,very creative and healthy too...

  16. Hey Lavi I was looking for this chutney here and there..Thanks for sharing

  17. Thank You all..This was an re-published iam very happy that it helped you all to know the recipe. Do give it a try!!

    Spices n Aroma, Yasmeen..Warm Welcome to You Both:):)

    Divya..You got to try. Iam sure Thogayal done with right proportions of spicy, tangy, salt will change you.

  18. This recipe looks so royal that I cant wait to prepare it and cherish the taste

  19. nice thuvayal. suits very much for dosa. thank u very much.

  20. Hi Lavi,

    The recipe looks very yummy....and very easy to make. I will definitely try this. and this post is to inform u that i have started looking through ur blog...

  21. Hi Lavi,
    I tried carrot chutney and it tastes awesome. I am going to make it every day as atleast in this form we will end up eating carrots.
    Thank you,


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