Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learnt Lesson's on Kidney Stone's

Iam Hitting 100 post's with this one. Just wanted to make this post a most satisfying one for me and also a usefull one for my reader's and friends.

Learnt Lesson's - Kidney Stones

I was Shocked when i heared that i have traces of stone like formations in my kidney, exactly a year back. When i analysed what could be the reason, i justified its presence just because of my simple mistakes..

I dont want to give you all a thesis report on kidney stones...there are many..Check here and here for a complete go through regarding it. But i want to give some caution bell's and some remedy tips.

Regarding the Caution Bell's:

1. Are You Pregnant?---Drink adequate water
2. Are You Breast Feeding?---Drink adequate water
3. Are You not Physically active?---Have a small walk for 15-30 minutes a day
4. Are You Drinking More Milk?---Dont Drink more(above 4 glasses) of milk a day
5. Are You Getting de-hydrated by Sweating a lot without any physical movements?---Drink more water and seek doctor advise
6. Are You eating too many of tomatoes with seeds in it? In india..we say it as nattu thakkali, which has too many seeds in it.---Remove the seeds before cooking them.
7. Are you taking more protein rich food?---see to that you dont take too much of protein other than your diet needs.

Adequate Water quantity is 3 litres per day. or 8-12 glasses of water.

What all to take care if kidney stones got formed?

1. Take care not to drink more milk
2. Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water
3. Dont take nuts, chocolates, Tomatoes(you can de-seed them and consume)
4. Dont Take Bitter Gourd
5. Dont Take Drumstick Leaves
6. Try Drinking Tender Coocnut water
7. Try Taking Greens like Sirukkerai and mulai keerai

Remedy Suggestion:

First seek medical advise, and finish a treatment course. if still you feel the pain follow the below steps..

1-day remedy:

Drink 2 glasses of tender coconut water in the morning on your empty stomach. and later after meals take an anti-biotic tablet.


Start taking plantain stem and banana flower atleast 4 days a week.plantain stem can be prepared as juice and it can be had in the empty stomach.

have a medical consultation for sure to identify what type of stone have formed and regarding the size of the stone. my remedy tips work only when the stone is of small size.

Click Vazhathandu kootu for Recipe.

vazhathandu kootu

Click Vazhapoo Usili for Recipe.

vazhai poo usili

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