Saturday, July 5, 2008

Magic in Blogging

Many are addicted to blogging..The maze world were our creations are being appreciated, unknown face's turning into Friendly unknown faces, Keeping us on our toe with many event's. we participate in the events very happily and willingly. Not like unwillingly submitting out assignments to our teacher. These things really keeps moving our life happily for many of you like me i guess.

I just went missing from the blogging for past few days..and i was not even blogging regularly for the past 3 months. it is, things came upon one by one to keep me busy. i really love to say, i was busy all these days.

Now, Iam not that busy as before, but my blogging accessory, my dear camera is not with me. it flewed along with my hubby all along to paris. well my camera still works there for him..yes he is taking pictures of what he has cooked..soon expect me to post recipe's on tag for bachelor's plate.

i will use this chance to blog in some from my drafts.

We Celebrated our Son's First Birthday on 29th May... here is his birthday cake..

Thank You Trupti for passing me Yummy Blog Award.
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