Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Plantain stem(Vazhathandu) Kootu with Butter Milk

Plantain stem kootu with butter milk:

Required Items:

  • Vazhathandu/plantain stem-1(of 25 cm height)
  • Chana dal-1/4 cup..soaked for 30 minutes in warm water.
  • Green chilli-1(slitted)
  • Dry Red chilli-2
  • Curry leaves-8
  • Mustard-1/2 spoon
  • Butter milk-1 cup or Curd -6 spoons
  • Turmeric powder-a pinch


Remove the outer skin of the plantain stem and cut into small sized cube's.

Add 3 spoons of curd to half a glass of water, stir well, add salt to it and soak the plantain stem in the butter milk solution for 15 minutes in a bowl.

Now add the drained chana dal, turmeric powder and a slitted green chilli to the plantain stem and pressure cook it.(4 whistles will do).

Now season it with mustard and curry leaves. add the remaining curd and salt. mix well and serve it with hot Rice.

along with bitter gourd chips....
Plantain stem/vazhathandu is very good for health as it dissloves kidney stones, it should be cooked once a month atleast.

Soon i will post the recipe for banana flower/vazha poo usili.


  1. It has been year i had vazhai thandu! Looks so good with bittergourd

  2. I love the whole meal, Lavi! Looks so delicious. :) Love vaazhai poo, too! :)

  3. Ahh i miss vazhai poo lavi looks so good and vazhai thandu is very good for health.

  4. This is such a healthy dish. My parents always made us eat vazha thandu thoran as kids, as it is supposed to cleanse the system:-) jackruit recipes, vazha poo, vazha thandu recipes are taking a backseat these days, and it's nice to see their revival on food blogs:-)

  5. I love, love banana stem, but can never find it here. Oh, how I wish I could have some of that.

  6. Its great..that you all like banana stem and banana flower. Wish it could be sold at western part of globe too!!

  7. Very good recipe.Clap Clap Clap!!!

    My mom used to cut plantain stems previous evening itself and soak them in buttermilk solution so that the stems do not lose their colour.So going by your description, this recipe can be done with minimal effort and time!!!

    Some doubts here-Do you pressure cook the cut stems in the same solution that you soaked them in??

    Also, chillies should be added during seasoning, right? It is not mentioned in this post.

    PS:On an unrelated note, this site does not allow me to publish comment using my google id. I have tried this at multiple times and it has always failed! Pls help and correct this error.

    Also subscribing to this comment in an email would allow me to view your answer without logging on your site now and then to check for replies. Pls enable that option too for easy of use.

    Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.

  8. Hi Lavs..Thanks for Clap!!

    Your comment made me to re-visit the post,Which i made long back and never looked again. I was not that clear in mentioning the recipe, i was very careless then.After publishing the comment, iam going to edit this post.

    Vazhathandu is soaked in buttermilk, to avoid colour change. its not that it should be soaked over-night.

    Since we are going to add Curd at the end, we are using the buttermilk solution for pressure cooking, without wasting it. If we are opting for plain kootu without curd, just discard the buttermilk and cook with water.

    A Green Chilli can be slitted vertically and added to the vazhathandu+buttermilk before pressure cooking. (i forgot to mention this.)

    On Publishing Comment..I will check it from my different gmail id. but so far, i publish with my google account.

    Right Below the comment box, you can find subscribe by email link, to subscribe for follow-up comment.

    Btw, Your comment was the long comment, that i ever received on this blog. loved reading and iam enjoying replying to it. Thank You:)


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