Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Aloo Curry

This is my old post..iam re-posting it. This leaves to Srivalli's Curry Mela.

Required Items to Prepare Baby Aloo Curry:

1. Baby Potatoes- 8

2.Onion-2(finely chopped)

3.Tomato-2(finely chopped)

4.Butter-3 tbsps

5.Oil-2 tbsp's

6.turmeric powder-a pinch

7.Corriander powder-1 tbsp

8.Chilli powder-1/2 tbsp

9.Salt to taste

10.curry leaves-8

11.corriander leaves(to garnish)

12.mustard seeds-1/4 spoon chilli-2


Boil the baby potatoes and remove the skin of it. with forks put several holes on that it will absorb some gravy into it. keep them aside.

Take a thick bottomed kadai, start seasoning with mustard seeds, curry leaves, add red chillies here. now add finely chopped onions and fry..add a bit of salt at this stage. after frying onions add tomatoes(cutted down into small pieces). tomatoes should mix up with onions. when that stage comes add turmeric powder, chilli powder, corriander powder, salt and fry them..when it starts getting holded to kadai..sprinkle some water and add the boiled baby potatoes. now let the potatoes mix up with onion and tomatoes for few seconds..add water as per the consistency u require. now when the gravy starts to boil add butter and close the kadai..after the gravy starts getting thicker remove it from the stove and add corriander leaves.

This curry goes well with chapathi and dosa.

I used Aachi kuzhambhu milagaai thool as chilli powder.

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