Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sakkara Pongal & Pongal to try on Varalakshmi Puja

Sakkara Pongal...a Very traditional south indian sweet. the speciality of this sweet just slides into your throat...ahhh..tempting right... give a try for this Varalakshmi Puja on coming Friday.. iam sure you will enjoy it..i also assure you if you follow my instructions it wont let you down...

To Know about Varalakshmi puja click Here.
To listen to a Audio by gurukkal for performing puja(in Tamil) Here.


1. Rice-1 cup
2. Pasi paruppu/Moong dal- 1/4 cup [fry the dal for 2-3 minutes till you get a nice aroma]
3. Ghee-1/4 cup..its upto you.
5. Jaggery/Bellam-1 cup
6. Cashews-8
7. Dry grapes-10
8. Milk-2 cups
9. Water-2 cups
10. Cardoman-2
11. Saffron- few strands

Process 1:
Soak the rice and dall for 10-15 minutes. now pressure cook it by adding milk+water.(it will be more tasty when you add more milk). rice+dall=1 cup in sense water/milk should be 4 cups. 1:4 ratio. now pressure cook it for upto 4 whistles. then mash it finely.
Process 2:
by the same time put the jaggery in a kadai and add water till it covers up. melt the jaggery and filter it. now you make jaggery should boil atleast for 10 minutes.(depends upon how much amount of syrup you are making). when the syrup dropped on a plate it should look like a dot. now add crushed cardomans and saffron.
Process 3:[Make sure that you add pressure cooked rice and dal hot to this hot syrup]
and add mashed rice+moong dall. keep stirring it. allow them to boil. now add ghee to it.let them boil and comes togeather(surundu varanum). add ghee roasted cashews and dry grapes and serve..

i learned this method after a several trial versions..thanks to my Husband for risking at many festival lunches. now he is very happy on my learning. more ghee you will taste like temple prasadham..

some points:
1. Rice and moong dal should be mashed and it should not be very tight..if it is tight add milk.
2. The jaggery syrup should not be very thick...keep standing till it reaches correct stage.
3. Add rice and dall to the syrup and keep stirring it in low flame. it will atleast take 5 minutes.
4. Chana dall can also be added.
5. When you make this just take little mashed rice and dall and season it with ghee,cumin, seeds,ginger,curry leaves,pepper,salt and add it.. your pongal is ready.
Have a Great Puja Time and Nice Week end!!


  1. Lavi, the pongals look so delicious and inviting. A lovely job.

  2. Great Pongals for the Pooja! Sakkra Pongal is looking delicious with ghee shining on top!

  3. Coming across the first pooja post in your place Lavi.. :)
    Lovely pongals!..I love sakkara pongal..
    Normally we make 'pacharisi dosa' and 'arisi upma' for the vratham..:)
    Prayers and blessings for the vratham :)

    BTW, I have a few awards for you in my place.. :)

  4. Awesome di Lavi! Both the pongal looks delicious. Kalakkara po...

  5. Looks yummy! And lovely colour.

  6. Both the pongals are looking yummy...

  7. Pongals look soooooo delicious and inviting...Love the colour....

  8. Hi this is my first visit to your blog,just got here from Mahanadi's food blog list.You have a wonderful blog with good recipes.Your pongals looks amazingly tasty :)

  9. Vaishali and Cham..Thanks for your delicious comments..

    Bharathy..Thanks for the felt great:)

    Thnks NY100&Vanamala..

    Nithu..nee thaan kalakkara:)ur black forest cake is tempting me a lot..

    Thank U Uma and smn..

  10. Home cooked, Sireesha ..Color matters a lot in always attracts me..

    Warm Welcome to U Priti and Usha..
    Glad on ur views..

  11. Happy Independence Day to u. Pongal looks awesome.

  12. Both Pongals look creamy & delicious. Yum.

  13. Heeyyyy this one is the best chakkaraipongal i have ever seen,u said about the vellam pagu padham(is it urunadai padham u mentioned)after that also you need to cook it,will it be good???becaz if i over cook it,it'll become like cake??????

  14. Mrs.Kannan..paagu padham should be of single string consistency/oru kambi padham. and when you are adding the rice+dal(pressure cooked)make sure they are not so tight, to make it loose add little milk and mash them well. after adding to pagu, in slow flame, mix them well and add ghee. iam sure it wont become hard in this way.

  15. i prepared both pongal. both came very nice. especially sarkarai pongal was too gud. thanks a lot for this two in one recepie

  16. Thanks Malathy, Glad you liked it.

  17. Hi Lavi.....
    This blog not only for home cooking we took lot of tips for our foodcourts.....Thank you lavi....Dr.Anil


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