Saturday, August 30, 2008

Corn's in Chapathi

I just want to add some healthy stuff''s to my Chapathi flour before kneeding them. When i had corn's, how could i leave them. Here along with the corn, i added some Jeera Powder and Corriander leaves for easy digestion.

Wheat Flour- 2 cup's
Warm Milk- 1/4 cup(approx)
Salt- as required
Jeera Powder- half a spoon
Corriander Leaves(finely chopped)-2 spoon's
Steamed Corn's-1/4 cup


Have all the ingredients except milk in a large bowl and knead it by adding milk. Have more flour to roll the dough ball's so that it dont get broked. It is hard to roll, as the corn's will break out. and cook these chapathi's in low flame, to avoid the corn's getting burned.

Try this for your kid..hope they will enjoy having this.

When I read about Corn Curry from Sujatha's Spicykhazana, i just want to try, to know how it would have tasted. Well it was really a different delish side-dish for chapathi. I added some Kasuri Methi to it. It tasted absolutely different.


  1. Lavi ur template change looks cool :)
    Is it easy to roll with corn on the dough... Looks delicious and pretty too!

  2. nice one..healthy idea..
    and your template looks good..
    will reply to your mail soon. sorry for the delay!!

  3. Chapathi with traces of corn is a very good is looking gr8 with a pofessional touch...

  4. I like the new look of your blog!!!

  5. That sounds like a yummy addition.. but is it difficult to roll out the rotis?

  6. Awesome combination foe parathas. Looks yummy.

  7. Cham, Sowmya, Mals, Rachel, Sra...Thank you all for appreciating my new layout.

    Cham, Lavanya..yes, as the corns tend to peek in while we roll the dough, we should have more flour on side to fix it.

    Sowmya..take your time..i can understand!

    Mals..Thanks for your encouragement dear..

    Namratha, KF..Thank you dears..try this..

  8. Hey that's interesting..adding corn in chapathi...never tried this one...gud idea :)


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