Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Sundu Curry

When Sankranthi..we prepare this curry. it's one of my favourite curry.

I have simplified the method by cooking all the vegetables ammamma used to cook and roast the vegetables separately and she prepares this curry. that will give a unique taste.


1.Elephant foot yam/Karunai kizhangu- 5 slices

2.Sweet yam/Sakkarai Valli Kizhangu- 5 slices

3.Potato/Urulai kizhangu- 2

4.Colacasio/Seppang kizhangu- 2

5.Raw banana/Vazhakkai-1

6.Yellow pumpkin/Sigappu Poosanikkai-10 slices

7. Sena kizhangu-2

8.Jaggery- a small cube

9.Tamarind- a lemon size

10.Oil-1/4 cup(the vegetables should be roasted)


12.Chilli Powder-2 spoons

13.Sambhar Powder-2 spoons

You can also add:


2.Black-eye beans

3.White Pumpkin

4.Chick peas


Remove the skin of the vegetables and pressure cook it. see to that, you don't cook them so mashy. now in a kadai/thick bottomed skillet, add oil. when the oil got heat,add mustard.wait till it crackles, now add curry leaves and all the cooked vegetables. add salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder, sambhar powder and mix well. roast them all together. roast it well till the whole vegetables turn into light brown colour. now add the tamarind water and jaggery. mix well. let the curry get thickened(sundu).
you can serve this with hot rice, hot idlies and dosa.
thou i prepared this on sankranthi.. i couldn't post it hot.
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