Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was thinking what could be the name reason of the word cutlet.

here comes the meaning for it:

(i) A thin slice of meat, usually veal or lamb, cut from the leg or ribs.
(ii) A patty of chopped meat or fish, usually coated with bread crumbs and fried; a flat croquette.

ohh..people have substituted potato for meat. can anyone suggest a name for potato cutlet(ordinary vegetarian cutlet).

Peanut Cutlet:

Recipe Source: Foodie's of Timesnow News channel.

speacilaity of this one is...this is OIL-FREE cutlet.

hopefully we can call it as sinless cutlet.


1. Potato-3(Boiled and Mashed)

2. Corriander Leaves/cilantro-1/2 cup(cutted into pieces)

3. Green Chilli's-2

4. salt-as per your taste

5. Peanut( a handfull.....blend it in just looks like bread crumbs)


Add corriander leaves, salt, chopped green chilli's to mashed potato and mix well. shape it in coin form. now apply the crushed peanuts on both sides of coin shaped potato. fry them in hot tava. need not use oil..since oil from peanut is sufficient for it to get roasted down.

it fills your tummy also satisfies your taste buds.


  1. looks yummy. great idea to use peanuts. never done that.

  2. Something really different .I have made cutlets ..But never tried peanuts!!!

  3. thank you vimmi and deepa for passing on your comments.

  4. OMG!! That's an amazing idea to replace oil. Lovely cutlets.


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