Friday, January 11, 2008

Sprouted brown chick pea vada's

Sprouting the legumes are one of the nicest feelings..holding them on hand is just like holding the baby, these are the chick peas that i sprouted for the first time..and this idea of making vada's emerged just took 5 minutes for me to prepare this.

Ingredients needed to make this vada:

1. Sprouted chick peas- 1 cup
2. Green chilli-1(finely chopped)
3. Salt to taste
4. Oil to fry
5. Roasted gram/pottu kadalai/roasted channa dhall to make the mix little tight.(may be 2/3 spoons)

Mix the green chilli chops to the chick peas and add little salt and grind them coarsely.
if it goes watery(it happened to me), add some roasted gram powder to make it little thick.
it came out really tasty. to my surprise it was crispier also. unsprouted but soaked overnight chick peas can also be tried.
try this healthy vada. i would like to hear your comments. Iam Proudly sending these vada's to the Legume Affair, hosted by Susan, The Well-Seasoned Cook.


  1. It takes a unique thinking to come up with a recipe like this.
    Nice recipe.

  2. priya i have read of this type of vada somewhere..its not my unique one.

  3. Just as tempting the second time I am seeing them, Lavi. Thank you so much for sharing these quick and healthy treats for MLLA2.

  4. Its Nice to hear Susan..Iam really happy to send these vada's to My Legume Affair...

  5. Lavi, nice layout! And the vadas look good - I've just soaked some channa for tomorrow, but will make this after I come back from my trip.


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