Saturday, January 19, 2008

Semiya Payasam

Once we cook some dish for first time..and getting "wow's", "excellent", "super" credits like this..will make the dish very close to our it not?

This is one, that is close to my heart.. i prepare this whenever my friends come home for first time.

To Prepare Semiya Payasam You Need:

1. Semiya-1/4 cup

2. Sugar-3/4 cup

3. Milk-5 cups

4. Cardamon-2

5. Cashews

6. Ghee- 1 spoon

7. Saffron-8 - 10 pieces


Have a skillet..add a spoon of ghee. and roast the semiya. i prefer to roast it till it reaches golden colour. keep the roasted semiya aside. have saffron dipped in 4 spoons of milk, keep it aside. now have a wide vessel, add 5 cups of milk and add sugar, keep stirring and let the sugar melts. boil the milk. when the milk boils add the semiya, crushed cardamon and keep on stirring. allow the semiya to get cooked well. when milk gets thicker, add the saffron milk and roasted cashews.


  1. Ahhh lavi makes me mouthwatering.My favvvv payasam. looks delicious. :-)

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