Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cauliflower Masala Dosa


1. cauliflower-1(small size)
2. potato-1
3.mustard-1/2 spoon
4.cumin-1/4 spoon
5.curry leaves-10
6.garlic-4 pieces chopped very finely
7.onion-1(chopped finely)
8.Green chillis-2(vertically slit)
9.Tomatoes-1(small pieces)
11.turmeric powder-a pinch
12.garam masala-1/4 spoon
13.chilli powder-1 spoon
14.corriander leaves
Peal the skin of potato, cut into small slices. take cauliflower and cut into small florets and boil it along with potato in water with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.
Have a wide skillet, heat the oil, add mustard, when it jumps, add cumin and fry it. now add garlic pieces. when it turned golden brown, add curry leaves, onion and green chillis. fry them well till the onions turn transparent. now add tomatoes and fry. add salt, pinch turmeric powder, chilli powder and garam masala. let them all mix togeather. now add boiled cauliflower and potato. mix them well. add a spoon of ghee at last and garnish it with corriander leaves.

while serving with dosa..prepare coconut chutney and spread the chutney throughout the dosa and keep this cauliflower masala in between and fold it.

simple and easy one...
This goes for Dosa mela..event by Srivalli.
We used to have this Gobi-dosa in our favourite restaurant during our college days.
Don't forget to spread coconut chutney over the dosa.


  1. Looks tasty Lavy...should give a try today.Please can I request to post Rava idly.

  2. thanks malathi..i used to do rava idly with MTR rava idly mix.but i wanted it to try..i will post by this week end.

  3. Looks very tasty lavanya..thanks for the can send more if you have...:D

  4. thanks srivalli..i will try to send you.

  5. Yummy delicious, i can taste the delicious filling

  6. I love to have this in restaurants! Its treat for my eyes!

  7. Hi Lavi,
    I had in my last trip to India, i felt in Love with the cauli dosa... Gal u made it ahead.... Send me a parcel , Lavi :)

  8. never made before!looks so yumm lavi!

  9. Happy Cook..its full of taste. thank u.

    Raks..Visual Treat a?? try to make it.

    cham..sure. but i would love to serve it hot for you at my home:)

    thank you dhivya..

  10. I've not had cauliflower dosa before.. that looks delicious.

  11. wow, the dosa looks so yummy! nice entry.

  12. That looks so scrumptious! Wanna have one big Masala Dosa right now!

  13. Nice way to pep up the dosas..Looks delicious..Nice entry

  14. Thank You Uma..

    Laavanya..Try this..iam sure your kids will love it.

    Thank You Mona..

    Thanks Divya..

  15. Hey Lavi,

    Dosa looks delicious. I never used cauliflower..i will try this soon..

    Happy Holi !!

  16. Sounds good,Looks great.......

  17. Wonderful entry!! Very delcious. Never had this before.

  18. lovely, cauliflower stuffing is surely unique!

  19. Thanks for the Wishes Trupti..Happy Holi!!!

    Thanks Annu:)

    Meera..try this will love it.

    Thank u archana:)

  20. This looks wonderful Lavi! :)

  21. First time visitor and loved the dosa. Isnt dosa one versatile dish?


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