Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tasty Aval/poha Mixture

This Poha Mixture Recipe is from my Dear Friend. She told me about this yesterday..and today iam blogging this..then you got to it would have tasted.

a very simple recipe..a crowd pleaser, tummy filling you should try and let me know.

Aval/poha mixture along with Mint tea.

1. Thin Poha/Aval- 1 cup
2. Peanuts- 8
3. Cashews- 4
4. Raisins- 8
5. Green Chilli-1( you can increase if your spice level is high)
6. Ghee- 1 spoon(to roast cashews and Raisins)
7. Curry leaves-8
8. Salt

In a Wide kadai..put the Thin Aval and roast them well..soon it turns crispier(you have to taste to check it). Now transfer it into a bowl. roast the peanuts in the kadai. add it to the bowl. add a spoon of ghee..roast the cashews and raisins. and them to the bowl. fry the finely chopped green chilli slices and the curry leaves crispier and add it to the bowl. add salt(as required) to the bowl and mix well.

Is it not easy...It tasted so good..raisins certainly added up the taste..


  1. white poha!!! thats a different one. i always add turmeric to my poha.. will try this one :D thanks

  2. I Add turmeric Powder & season too with oil, mustard, jeera & curry leaves.. rest all same as yours, perfect tea time snack to munch on!

  3. simple and delicious poha, Lavi! We follow the same procedure like yours.

  4. Tamil cuisine? Haven't tasted it much. Will add in my Tamil blogs section..
    Thanks Lavi for visiting and commenting in my blog..
    Love Tamil recipes. Hope to see again... :)

  5. The white colour is very pretty. Glad to know ur native place is my Birth place :) Perfect tea snack , Lavi...

  6. simple and yummy aval lavi!sometimes my hubby used to make aval uppuma for me!(bachelor dish am)...this one sounds great and perfect tea time snack..must try

  7. Great idea for a tea time snack!! :)

  8. nice,simple,delicious tea time snack..

  9. I too love the taste of raisins in mixtures! thanx for the recipe !

  10. Thats lovely......will try sure

  11. Pretty dish, Lavi. The raisins and cashews must make it really special.


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