Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spicy Hot COFFEE-For MBP

When every one are patrolling each other's blog for MBP..i too got attracted over this Growing funda. MBP-Monthly Blog Patrol, an event BORN FROM Coffee.
Now organised by Sig.

Well when i was patrolling..i have found many of them were already tried and many other's required ingredients which i did not have with me. Finally i landed on Archana's culinary adventures blog and found this Spicy Hot Chocolate Drink. Her pictures naturally tempted me to try..Fortunately i had cocco powder, Unfortunately i did not have chocolate with me. So Coffee powder substituted the Chocolate . with all other spices I Kick started this lovely and excellent drink.

So how about Coffee mixed with the flavours of Spices like cinnamon,cardamon,pepper and cloves for a Complete Mixed Drink Festive..

I would strongly recommend you all to visit Archana's blog to drool at her picture's of
Archana's Spicy Hot Chocolate Drink.

Iam sure coffee lover's will love this... I served it with Star Anise dipped in Condensed milkon the top of the coffee. I made it within 1o minutes.. well when i tasted it..i was really impressed with it's taste and how soon i prepared this delicious drink.


  1. Gorgeous, Lavi! Sounds great! :)

  2. That's like masala coffee... Nice.

  3. great entry lavi!love the presentation too

  4. lovely entry, Lavi! looks spicy, Yum!

  5. Thats wonderful......nice entry.

  6. Great entry ! I can almost smell the coffee over here :)

  7. Wow, masala coffee... never had that! I love the idea of the star anis garnish too... Thanks for the lovely entry Lavi!

  8. Loved the picture..sounds delicious..a must try..


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