Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Inspiring Recipe's

Trying out some of inspiring recipe's from our blogger friend' s develops more interest towards cooking..i feel...
Kuzhi paniyaaram with Vara milagai chutney From Bharthy's Spicy Chilly...believe has got a magic taste in it.. and it can also be prepared fast when we have idli batter for our Sudden guests. check Bharathy's

Thank you Bharathy for sharing it out.Kollu Thuvaiyal from Dhivya's Kitchen.. A different taste of's good for health too.. will help in reducing the waist lines. This horse gram should be soaked well for 12 hours and then boiled and can be used for making kollu Rasam. On having this Kollu Rasam during our monthly mensuration cleans our uterus and helps in reducing our waist lines too. Those who are planning for babies can have kollu rasam during their periods.

Check out Dhivya's Kollu Thuvaiyal

Thank You Dhivi for sharing this wonder full recipe of your mom's.

I tried kollu Chutney..just by frying out the horse gram and red chilli's and grinded it with grated Coconut. It certainly gave out a difference.

Dum Aloo from Shriya's Spicy Tasty. I love to cook with potatoes. Instead of cutting them into half and frying..i cooked with whole boiled. adding milk and curd to the gravy part certainly added up the taste. it perfectly matched Chapathi's.

Check Shriya's Dum Aloo here.

Thank you Shriya for Sharing this beautiful recipe.


  1. When i saw the first pic i knew it was from Bharathy.
    Yiou have been cooking a lot

  2. Everything looks awesome... very tasty recipes indeed. Am sure it made the other bloggers very happy.

  3. Great recipes to try, good for you. I love Kollu dishes, will try too!:)

  4. Nice picks Lavi!

    All look lovely and yummy!


  5. Recipes look wonderful! I love the new template!

  6. Hi Lavi,
    Good try :) I got 2 try Dhiv dear kollu thoggaiyal and the dum aloo. Wonderful feast for eyes :)

  7. Lovely recipes Lavi! Wonderful presentation. So mouth-watering.

  8. Hi Lavi..all ur dishes look really wonderful..I will have to tey them too..

  9. nice blog content. visiting for the first time but was happy to linger and read on.

  10. All dishes looks great lavi!thanks for trying out my kollu thuvaiyal:)))keep rocking

  11. Happy Cook..Bharathy's picture was so perfect..and thats what made me to try:)

    Thank You laavanya..

    Asha..yeah its good for health..thank u asha.

    Siri..Warm Welcome to You..thanks.

  12. Thank You kalai.

    Cham..Worth of trying it..give a try.

    Divya vikram..thank try.

    Dhivya..Your thuvaiyal was the centre of attraction..thanks dear

    Anamika..Warm Welcome to you..thanks for dropping by.

  13. good recipes..and good info on kollu.thanks for sharing..

  14. All dishes look yum & delicious....Must try the kollu recipes!

  15. Hey lavi thanks for linking to my recipe, the pics look so delicious. Nice collection of recipes.

  16. Lavi...I see a more perfect batch of kuzhi paniyarams here ;)..yes..that's the reality...mine went a little pale...yours is just PUUURFECT!!!(why didnt you notify me that you tried em..came through technorati)

    Brown and crispy Dosas(rolled so well;))and kollu thogayal ROCKS!!!

    Hugs and hugs!

  17. Thank you sowmya and seema.
    do try the recipe's.


    Bharathy..To get appreciation from the teacher is really a rewarding one..iam overwhelmed.

  19. almost broke my heart when you commented "bharathy neenge enna maranthutteenga"..
    marakkaveee illa Lavi illlavee illa :)..

    The sweetness of those wonderful rasagullas still lingers :)


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