Friday, March 7, 2008

Brinjal Dal

We call it as Kathrikkai Pappu. I have a Green memory of this this is the one which I cooked for my Father very first time. This is a simple one...with less ingredinets. my husband hesitate to have brinjal's in any form. But this one is an exception for him. and he calls it as my siganture dish.(Well..when you try this, you will come to know..)

1.Brinjals-2(chopped into fine pieces)
2.Green Chilli's-2
3.Tuvar Dal-1 cup(Boiled and mashed well)
4.Turmeric Powder-1/4 spoon
5.Asafoetida powder-few sprinkles
6.Corriander Leaves to Garnish
7.Mustard-1/2 spoon

Boil the finely chopped brinjal pieces in adequate water. allow them to be cooked well. Now in a Kadai..heat 2 spoons of oil, add mustard..when it crackles add Slitted Green Chilli's. fry them. add asafoetida powder before adding chilli. Now add the cooked Brinjals and Dal. mix well. add turmeric powder and Salt and little water as per the consistency you require. let it boil and garnish it with corriander leaves and serve with Hot Rice along with Rasam. Brinjal Dal along with Carrot Thuvaiyal and Rice.
This Dal goes well with Chapathi's.
My carrot Thuvaiyal/chutney Recipe: Iam sending this Dal for Pooja of My Creative Ideas..

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  1. Beautiful colors I must say! Photo looks gorgeous and love the recipe. Thanks, enjoy your weekend!:)

  2. Wow, that was a very delicious dal Lavi! Love the color. Simple and yummy! Love your Carrot Thuvaiyal too.

  3. Looks yummy ur picture , the carrot thuvaiyal wonderful :)

  4. Hi lavi! thanks for visiting my blog:)

    this platter looks really pretty! and so does your new look on the blog:) I hope you can find some time to participate in the WBB-Balanced Breakfasts I'm hosting this month! (pls check details on my blog)

  5. Asha...Thank You for appreciating color' took me lot of trials to choose these color's.enjoy ur Weekend:)

    Uma..yeah this dal is very simple one...yet credits bagging one:)

    Cham..try out this carrot thuvaiyal..sure you will love it.

  6. Mansi..i have send 2 entries to WBB series..sure you can expect one from me..thanks for your nice words.

  7. hey lavi!enadhu idhu pudhu name uu!pudhu template uuuu!karakareenga paaa!!!!!!ellathum vida kalakal brinjal dal....carrot thuvayal looks great too....

  8. Lavi, that is one lovely-looking dish. I love brinjal and can eat it day or night. Thanks for the recipe!

  9. New look is great Lavi and that dhal and the entire plate infact looks very tempting.

  10. vankaya pappu and hot rice yummmmmmmm

  11. lavi mini surprise for u in my new blog

  12. Lavi, what is this? OMG you have done a wonderful job. The template looks so good and neat. Love the color. The recipe pic collection on the banner is so good. Good luck with your new look and everything lavi.

  13. That's delicious looking dal.

  14. excellent dhal!!!awesome one ...

  15. Your Spicy Potato Curry has my mouth watering, looks delicious - how about substituting brinjals for potatoes, not that I like potatoes :)

  16. Dhivi..thanks for kalakkal comments and thank u for surprise.

    Vaishali..great to know that you are also brinjal fan like me.

    Laavanya..thanks for appreciating my new look.

    Sagari..thank you:)

    Shriya..thaks for appreciating new look and for wishes dear:)

    thank you Happy Cook.

    Meera,Deepa,Indosungod..Warm Welcome to you all here.

    Indosungod..i don't thick so brinjal will be a nice substitute..but with egg it will taste the same..

  17. Hey great pic and a great entry!!!Looks really delicious.

  18. Oh dag-na-bit, every time I go to the store I ALMOST pick up an eggplant and then I decide against it, then I see all these great dishes using eggplant and I'm mad at time I WILL buy the eggplant...thanks for the inspiration :D

  19. Hi Lavi.the brinjal dish looks realy Tasty..Will have to try them for sure..And that was a nice entry too.Would u like to participate in the Arusuvai Friendship chain..if so mail me and I can send u the ingredient..

  20. Brijal Dal looks Yum!!!
    slurrrrrpppp..... :) .
    Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe and partcipating with a yummy dish for VoW.
    I am glad to see your entry Lavi.

  21. Thanh u Home Cooked.. got to try egg tastes so good in gravies or when it is fried with masala's.

    Divya,Pooja..thanks for your Words..

  22. wonderful recipe lavi and the new template looks super cool too :)

  23. tamplate looks so beautiful nice colors and that brinjal pappu mmmmmm any time can have that for me brinjal any time any way mmm yummy


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