Friday, February 29, 2008

CLICK-Flour..Check out My way

This is my second entry to the Click event..Right from the event announcement for Click-Flour.. i have tried and ended up with flops. this is my fourth attempt. i don't it is going to click for you..but for me it was a Passing Click. there was an ant climbing up this ball of flour..and digging up in. it was reallly a tense moment.if i try to pick the ant..the whole ball will get disturbed.. so i left as it is.

i think so That Ant is in love with Click-Event..See that Naughty Ant on the side travelling by the heart in hape.another Click of the ant over the flour ball approaching towards left side.
The Below Semi-Sphere Wheat Flour Mould is my entry For the Click-Flour event, hosted by Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi.

some lines about the concept of having this sphere shaped wheat flour mould. every thing looks better only when it is in proper shape.. i have given this semi-sphere shape for the flour to look better.
Wheat Flour looking like Idly(Rice cakes).

Naughty ant isnt it?
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