Saturday, February 2, 2008

King Of Sambhars...Raw Mango and Drumstick

Iam a Sambhar Fanatic. I particularly love the Sambhar's with the combination of vegetables.
I feel this particular combo will impress you all, as it did with my family.

The most important thing i wanted to convey is..the price of Drumstick's. since i was in a hurry..i picked up the drumstick's, without checking it's price. To my Big Surprise the cost of Drumstick was Rs.14.

can you digest..but those two thick and lengthy drumstick's ..made me to take them to my kitchen finally. My hubby was shocked to hear..For buying Drumstick's for 28rs bcoz. he says Iam a big Kanju's.

Any way I Could have named this as Cost Worthy Sambhar.
The combo Raw Mango and Drumstick's work's well as you can feel the smell of both in the sambhar.

Since the method and Ingredients are known to all of us..i am omitting those main parts.
But Few Tips:

1. Pressure Cook the Tuvar dhall along with the Drumstick's.
2. The Raw mango should be cooked so that flesh still remain's and also the skin should be eatable.
3.The water used for cooking Raw mango should be added to sambhar.
4.Avoid Tamarind.
5. Have more Cilantro Toppings.

Enjoy It with Hot Rice and side-dish as potato fry.


  1. Sambar looks delicious. I've never added mangoes to sambar

  2. thank you happy cook..sambhar will be very delicious with raw mango..believe me and try it.

  3. Made sambhar like dal yesterday with brinjals and drumsticks. will try with mango. looks great

  4. Laavanya- Guess what, even I am a Sambhar (Dal) Fanatic..:D.. Love the combo of hit rice, sambhar ( Psst.. with a spoonful of ghee) and Potato fry as side dish!


    ~ Siri

  5. hi vimmi..nice to see u in comments page again. brinjals and eggplants are perfect combo in dal' also works well in curry too.

    thanks siri..for being on my side..i started to crave...when you have added a spoonfull of ghee too in the list.

  6. I agree with you in certain combination of vegetables works wonder in imparting the taste to sambhar. Will try this version next time I buy them. Btw you seem to have bought drumsticks at Singapore price in India ;)

  7. I love Sambar, too! Amma uses mango in sambar sometimes. I haven't tried making it myself, but will try sometime soon! :)

  8. kalai..if you love sambhar..dont miss this version..the juices of manga and drumstick along with dhall will surely impress you.

    lg..thanks for stopping by. yeah might have bought drumsticks imported from singapore:)

  9. Interesting to see both in one dish, very nice!

  10. thank you namratha for your visit and for your credits.


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