Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunch with Greens

Twice or Thrice in a week..I will be cooking greens. i love greens. even if i have been asked to eat greens daily i will eat. well I could not translate the name of the greens from Tamil to english.

But here iam giving you 2 Green's Recipes.

1. Arakeerai

2. Thoothu Valai Keerai.

Since Iam Nursing..i will always buy Arakeerai..as it helps in secreting mother's milk. When this
green had with Tuvar dal..it has its full effect.

Next is Thoothu Valai Keerai..As me and My baby got up with cold..we tried up this green..as it cure's cold. Well the recipe for my baby is different from mine.

Arakeerai Pappu:


1.Arakeerai- 1 bunch

2.Tuvar dal(boiled and mashed)-1/4 cup


4.Red chilli-2

5.Turmeric powder- a pinch


In a kadai..add oil..heat it..add mustard..when it crackles add red chilli and fry it. If you are willing you can add methi seeds and garlic here at this stage. now add sliced onions and fry them. add little turmeric powder and mix well. now add the washed greens/keerai. fry them well till the greens leave the water. when they are cooked add salt and mix with the Tuval dal.

Serve hot with Hot Rice with Ghee.

Thoothu Valai Keerai Thuvaiyal:

Very Rarely you get this green. This leaf is full of thorn's. so it takes patience to remove those thorn's. But it is very healthy one..If any tamil people reading this post check out this week ananda vikatan edition. varam oru keerai..title.

1.Thoothu Valai Keerai-1 cup

2. Grated Coconut-4 spoons

3. Tuvar Dal-1/2 spoon

4.Channa dal-1/2 spoon

5.Urad Dal-1/2 spoon

6. Red chilli-1


First Roast the dals in a pan and keap it aside. now fry the greens as we fry Mint. after frying..add this to the dals and coconut and salt. grind them coarsely. you can also season it with mustard and saute it again.

This post is for MEC-Greens an event from Cooking 4 all season's Srivalli.http://cooking4allseasons.blogspot.com/2008/02/microwave-easy-cooking-with-tiffins.html


  1. wow..that plate looks awesome..thanks for the nice entry!

  2. greens are very much liked at my home too. ur thali looks really pretty

  3. Nice entry lavi. Very healthy recipes.

  4. Love greens so much! Feel better soon, Lavanya! :)

  5. Oh good, you cook greens twice every week. I like arakeerai.

  6. Lovely greens, Lavanya. I love cooking with leafies, so thanks for the recipes. I'll ask my hubby Desikan (who's Tamil) to translate the names for me.

  7. wow..lovely greens lavanya...Arakeeraiand Thoothu Valai Keerai r really very good for health..

  8. lovely and healthy recipes lavanya

  9. hey lavi..thanks for dropping by...where can i find tamil font?i want to reply u in tamil(kavithai)..for previous comments i used arusuvai.com but now its not working.....since i am using my hubby's office laptop i can't install tamil unicode....i want just the transalation...plz do clarify me....

  10. Dhivya..i think so you have not checked out your blog comments..

    here is the link..

    iam using this google transliteration..Good Luck.

  11. Thanks for ur information and interest lavi!!!!

  12. hey lavi..check out my blog..surprise is waiting for u

  13. Dhivya..it was a pleasant surprise from you...thank you for the award.


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