Thursday, February 28, 2008

Healthy Oats Porridge With Palm Candy

My entry for WBB hosted by my favourite blog's owner suganya.

You all may be familiar with oats porridge.

I used to add

arrow_121 Sliced banana,

arrow_121 Raisins,

arrow_121 Grated almonds,

arrow_121 Chopped dates,

arrow_121 Honey and

arrow_121 Palm candy, to make the porridge more healthy.
sliced apple can also be added to it.
those who are dieting can avoid banana and add thin slices of apple to it.

This porridge can also be given to they may enjoy the sweetness of the palm candy and honey...ofcourse it is a healthy dish with fruits and nuts. iam also sending this for Kid's Food event by Vanamala of Nalapaka.

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