Monday, February 4, 2008

Suran Roast/ Vegetarian's Fish Roast

This is one of my favorite veggie.
If you have neglected this veggie before this..feel sorry for it. This Suran is a Blood Purifier. Thou it pricks your tongue while eating. It can be avoided using tamarind water when applying masala to it.

Being a vegan..I crave to try out the spiciness in the Non-vegetarian food. I prefer this suran roast for a spicy yet a tasty one. This suran absorbs the spiciness and also pretends to look like fish fry.

Hope you all will try this out.


Suran-1/4 kg


1. Chilli powder-3 spoons
2. Turmeric powder- ¼ spoon
3. Tamarind water- (of a small lemon size tamarind)
4. Salt- as required
Mix chilli powder,turmeric powder and salt well by sprinkling tamarind water.


Remove the skin of suran . cut them into slices. Let it be little thick slices.
Boil them in water till they become tender. It may take nearly 5 minutes. Now let it cool and apply the masala’s on it . Fry them in Dosa Tava with little oil on both sides till they get roasted.


  1. Lavanya!!
    I love Suran but occasionally cook b'coz of that pricking but I will try your tip of tamarind

  2. Just posted about this some time back, but with a ground masala MIL uses....and yes, this is also called as mock fishy fry by some people! looks nice and crispy!

  3. Looks great, Lavanya! What is the tamil name for suran again? Unfortunately, we never had access to this when I was younger!

  4. Love suran but don't make it often enough.:)

  5. I thought it was fish...looks good...I never make this bcos I love Arvi...:D but yours look tempting...btw what happened to Arusuvai..never mailed me on that?..drop me a mail if you are interested!..I know I am pestering you!!..:D..sorry abt that!

  6. miri just checked out your looks so reminded me of my mom's version.

    padmaja..thanks for commenting and try it out as it is good for health.

    kalai..ithu sena kizhangu/karuna kizhangu. u should'nt have recognised them with roast.

    tbc.. u have to try it purifies our have it monthly once.

    srivalli..nice of you for being on my comment page again..try it out.


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