Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crunchy Ivy Gourd/Kovakkai with Masala

Return of Ivy Gourd

Well..since it is good for health i tend to buy this veggie every alternative week. this ivy gourd is rich in protein and fibre and it prevents certain enzymes which are those to produce glucose in our body. i also prefer each alternative week to buy bitter gourd. i strongly have faith in Food is Medicine. and Health is Wealth.

To prepare Masala you need:

1. Grated coconut-3 spoons
2. Red chilli's-2
3. Small onions-7
4. Salt- little bit

Grind them into a coarse paste..just by sprinkling little water.
other than masala:

1.Kovakkai/ivy gourd-1/4 kg

2.Oil- 5 to 6 spoons


4.Turmeric Powder- a pinch


Cut the Ivy Gourd as you wish..i preferred to cut them vertically as the masala gets In a kadai..heat 5 spoons of oil..add mustard..when it splutters add curry leaves and the grinded masala. fry them for a soon sticks to the add sliced ivy gourd. mix them well with the masala, add salt and turmeric powder a pinch now. mix them and close it. leave them on flame for 10-15 minutes. In between you got to check and keep mixing.

Serve with hot rice with a little ghee.

Recipe Source: Aval Vikatan.. 30 variety varuval.


  1. yum yum kovakkai and frankly i can eat this everyday..and yaay! i am the first to comment :)

  2. You're right Lavanya- food indeed is medicine. Thanks for the delicious recipe- I will certainly try it your way.

  3. wow..nice recipe..thanks for the great recipe...i too try recipes form aval hubby loves to eat kovaikai..thanks for sharing..and i try recipes from this tamil website also
    hope u know this one....

  4. Hi Rajitha..I too love kovakkai. and thank u for initiating comments.

    Hi Vaishali..You got to try this for your desi Husband:)

    Hi dhivya..thanks for introducing it is full of recipes. recipes tried from aval vikatan turns out really well.

  5. I loce kovakka.
    Can have the curry just like that. yummm

  6. Kovakkai is one good vegetable with which I prepare raitha or dry curry. It's a great combo to rasam rice.

  7. thanks happy cook..try this style you will love it.

    mythreyee..can u post a recipe for kovakkai raitha in paajaka.( i want to taste it).

  8. Oh god it looks soooo delicious.When will I cook this kovakaai,really waiting...

  9. I love kovakkai! I cannot wait to try this out! Thanks. :)

  10. malathi..i missed your comments all these days.

    Kalai..thanks once again..try this out.


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