Thursday, February 14, 2008

With Sweet,Candle Light,Roses,Angel,...

My Husband's Favourite Sweet Carrot Halwa.
Sweet,Candle Light,Roses and its Fragrances, Cute little angel, My Love...What else I need?
Happy Valentine's Day.............
This Day is not only for Lover's. It is for the people who are all in love.
Today is also Library Day. So Make a Habit of including a book in Your Home Library on this day.
Carrot Halwa:
1.Milk-4 cups
2.Sugar-1 cup
3.Grated Carrot-2 cups
4.Ghee-1/4 cup
Dissolve the sugar in Milk. Let it boil. add the grated carrot and mix well. keap stirring them untill they bind togeather. when they bind add ghee and stir well. Now garnish the carrot halwa with ghee roasted cashews.

This post is on its way to Pooja's Theme of the Week--Valentine's Day.
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