Friday, February 22, 2008

Carrot-Raw Mango Rice

How about giving a virtual treat to your blogger friends. dedicating the dishes personally for our blogger friends. Ten days back I saw my Dear friend Shriya of comment for Raw Mango Pulihothara..where she stated that she wanted to taste it. The above plate is thus for shriya to have her Virtual Treat. iam waiting for you dee..come soon for a virundhu.

Well about this dish..When i was pregnant..My husband used to buy several Raw mangoes for me..But i never felt of tasting them. To my surprise in my last trimester..i suddenly over turned to mango side. The above dish was tried by me in those days..near about a year back.

My Recipe will be an outlaw from the rules for Mango Rice.. But i assure you it tastes so good.

1. Rice -2 cups(Rice should be cooked with less water than the usual level of water)
2. Grated Raw Mango- 1/4 cup
3. Grated Carrot-1/4 cup
4. Onion-1
5.Red chilli's-5
6.Mustard-1/2 spoon
7.Chana Dal-1/2 spoon
8.Turmeric powder-1/4 spoon
9. Peanut-2 spoons

Mix 4 spoons of oil with the rice and let it cool for some time. this makes the rice dont stick with the other. Now In a kadai..add 2 spoons of oil and heat it. add mustard seeds..when it pop up..add chana dal and let it turn golden colour. now add red chilli's, peanut's and curry leaves. roast them well and add sliced onion's. fry it well. add salt and turmeric powder and mix well. now add Grated Raw Mango and Carrot. let them cooked in slow flame for about 2-3 minutes. now add rice and mix well.

Serve it hot with mixture.

shriya hope you like my Virtual Treat.
Why not we Virtually Treat(VT) our Blogger Friends??


  1. Delicious. Not only shriya i am sure all of us would love to have this

  2. Lavanya, this looks so good! I love anything sour. Ungal veetukku naan vara pogiren virindhukku!! :))

  3. Lavi So Sweet of you dee. Thanks for your treat to me. The dish looks so delicious. :-)

  4. The combination of carrots and raw mango sounds delicious. I have hardly cooked with raw mangoes before, but your recipe is definitely inspiring. Thanks, Lavanya!

  5. Kalakals lavi...another variety rice...looks so yumm

  6. This looks lovely Lavanya.. nice combination too.

  7. thanks happy cook..for your lovable comment.

    Kalai..virundhukku varalam neenga..but varum pothu unga kovakkai gravy um..chocolate kesari, pomegranate rice ellam senji eduthukittu vaanga.

    shriya..come soon to my home dee..make my chennai stay usefull.

    thank you vishali..try this one..sure you will like the different flavoured rice.

    Dhivya..thanks again.

    Laavanya..Its always nice to hear comments from a good cook like you.

  8. Your virtual treat is awsome. Love the recipe?

  9. I am starving to eat ur Carrot-Raw Mango Rice di Lavi. Thanks!!

    You have a surprise waiting for u in our blog. Check it out!!!

  10. Mango and carrot ..something new for me ....another version of rice ..nice one

  11. Cham..It's nice to have a comment from you..Thank You

    Nithu..unna vidava naan nalla samaikkarean..nee thaan dee kalakkal's.

    Thanks for the surprise.

    Deepa..Try this..Defineatly you will love it. and thanks for visiting by blog and being on my comment's page.


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