Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My aspiration towards becoming a atleast better photographer peeps inside me till i submit my entry to Click Event. My brain keeps on thinking..what to Click..where to click..When to click. Though I get many ideas..i fail in implementing them..i hope soon i will learn. Today Iam Posting this because i dont want to trouble my brain furthur..bcoz i can't allow my hair falling due to thinking heavilly:)

Whatever I think of Clicking..My friends do them earlier and far better. Thus i have decided to Click Violently.
Here are my panel of cutting members. iam proud to introduce them to you all...
[From Your Right to Left]..
1. Mr. Thirupachi [Aruva with Wooden handle]
2. Ms. Steely Black [Stainless Steel Knife with Plastic materialised handle]
3. Master. Smart Needy [Small Knife with Bronze handle with beautifull cravings in it]

Mr.Thirupachi Aruva is used for breaking coconuts and for breaking Jack-Fruits(still i have not learned to use it..My husband does that well).
Ms. Steely Beauty Knife is used for cutting vegetables and Fruits.
Mstr. Smart Knife is used for cutting Lemon's and to peel the skin of vegetables.
When I asked the above all to pose for a photo..every one agreed very happily..but Mr.Thirupachi Aruva was not So okay to show off himself in lime light.(don't think that he is off shy type..He is a very Bold Old one. If you watch Tamil/Telugu Movies..Every villain will be holding this Thirupachi Aruva to threaten us).
and Now My panel of Cutting members are on their way to Jugalbandi's Click Event. http://jugalbandi.info/2008/02/click-march-2008-the-theme-is/ Meet and Garland them over there.
Note: If any one could help me..with what is the english translation for Aruva..i will be so thankfull to you.
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