Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Corn Soup

I have never used baby corns before..thought of giving a try. i started with pizza's. now this is the second one i have learned..BABY CORN SOUP. if you have not tried it have missed out something please give out a try.. the difference here is..the thickening agent is potato instead of the corn flour.


1.Baby Corns-6
4.Butter-2 spoons
7.Milk-2 cups
8.Garlic-4 pieces

Boil the Baby corns and the skin peeled potatoes in a pressure cooker with one cup of milk and with one cup of water and with little salt.(upto 4 whistles).
Grind the baby corns(4) and the potatoes with the milk(which is used for pressure cooking) into a thick paste.

In a kadai..heat the ghee, fry the sliced onions and garlic well. now add the grinded mixture and mix well. add milk as per the consistecy you require. i preferred a thick one that is shown here.
now with the other two boiled baby corns left over..slice them into pieces and add to the soup. add pepper powder and required salt. let them boil for few minutes.

serve it hot.

when i served this delicious soup to my husband..he asked me.."which hotel did you call up?"
i said.. " No..i prepared this"..
my husband..."what all other foods you have ordered?"
i said.."its mine..i prepared this soup"
my husband.."okay tell me how you prepared it"
i said it..
my husband.."it's SUPER'b"..
So if you get a chance of cooking baby corns..give out this soup a try:)


  1. Wow....the soup looks great!!! The discussion with your hubby was funny :)

  2. nice baby corn soup lavi...will try this!!!

  3. Looks perfect! No wonder ur husband asked so! Love the way u have sprinkled pepper!

  4. So yummy! I love cooking with baby corn. Love the the circles on the soup Lavi!:))

  5. Lavi, the soup looks beautiful. I must give this a try.

  6. healthy soup dear...looks those circles lavi!

  7. Nice soup Lavi, looks creamy and delish!

  8. Home Cooked..thank was also tasting great.

    Sowmi..Try this and let me know how it turned out.

    Raks..Glad on hearing your comments for first time..thanks.

    Asha..thank you for encouraging me.

    Vaishali..Try it..i would love to hear the feed back.

    Thank you Dhivi.

    Namratha..yeah it was creamy and delicious..give it a try.

  9. The soup is so creamy :) I will try it definetly , the circles are cool on the top Lavi :) Husb never accept easily that we are a good cook ...

  10. that's a lovely soup, Lavi! Nice presentation.

  11. The soup looks wonderful, Lavi. I love the way you've presented it with circles of pepper! :)

  12. That looks great and creamy - no wonder it was delicious!

  13. Hmm ... I've never tried baby corns in a soup - guess you've sold me on it now! :)

    That conversation snippet cracks me up!

  14. Ooooh, I love baby corn too...The soup sounds good.

  15. Soup looks very delicious...good try

  16. are absolutely right..hubby never accepts that I cook good. if have to cook still better would be the answer from mine.

    Thank U Uma.

    Thanks Trupti.

    Nice of you kalai.

    Thanks give a try.

    Kaykat..iam proud that i did it with you. thank you.

    meeso..try will love it..

    thank u EC.

  17. This recipe is a kepper for me..thanks so much

  18. Very delicious soup recipe here!..I too second your husband as I can imagine the fantastic flavour! :)

    Come on Lavi,its a bloggers ultimate pleasure when a friend tries out her recipes and blogs abt it...Do let me know when you try out a recipe..(not only to me..any blogger :))

    Hugs for all the encouraging words, dear!

  19. nice looking soup and a a delsh recipe here.

  20. Nice of you let me know.

    Bharathy...i will be in spirit here in. Thank You.

    Thank You Rama.

    Thanks Archana..

  21. hi lavi,
    i want to prepare this for my kids. (my gynae said its very good for urinary problems). Are u using boiled milk?

  22. Hi I am a gynaecologist the. Not get much time to try something new. But this reciepe looking so tempting I couldn't control myself . Today for the first time I bought baby corn and mushrooms for market but was not knowing what i will do. Prepared mushroom curry punjabi style.And also prepared baby corn soup .simple tasty and needs very few ingredients always available in kitchen .I was wondering how it will become thick so kept cornflour by my side. But no. Your recipe is perfect. My husband and kids loved it. Thank you very much. N yes its very healthy.

  23. Thank You Deepmala! hearing that your family liked it makes me Happy!


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