Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celebrating Mahanandi

I admire her pictures....method of preparing...notes she give at the end..she is Surely Rocking.
i still remember..the first dish i tried--Nune vankaya kura.
from then..i just kept following her recipe.
Paal Kova: my sweet tooth..i gathered all the patience and made this delicious doodh peda for our wedding day.

Bisi Bele Bath Masala: explainations never confuse us..and if we just follow..we will be never let down.

Home-Made Paneer: know..that paneer can be made in home..but how? Indira's pictorial explaination certainly impressed me to try.
Brinjal-Jaggery Chutney: husband Hesitates to have brinjal..but this chutney.he could not find out what chutney is this..he liked it and said.."iam expecting Variety recipe's like this from you".

Idli Karam podi: a tasty podi..i just follwed the measurements..and it was rocking...we finished this in 1 week.
Bottle Gourd in Yogurt:
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